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20 febrero 2009


Unkasoft, a leading provider of advergaming and mobile marketing, today announced that it is offering free games via the Gamespace Portal that are also compatible with the popular Zeemote JS1 Wireless Controller. The Zeemote JS1 is the award winning Bluetooth gaming controller, which creates the world’s best mobile gaming experience.

GameSpace ( provides media companies with an effective way to promote digital content or products and brands to vital segments of the market through games delivered on user’s mobile phones. GameSpace provides a host of benefits to the mobile operator, including an increase in income from content, the potential to widen the number of users by offering content for free, or for preview, and a new income source for back catalogue games. All games on the GameSpace Portal are now compatible with the Zeemote JS1 Controller, enhancing the overall mobile gaming experience for the user.

The GameSpace portal also leverages Microsoft’s ad server, Atlas, that is able to configure several campaigns for the GameSpace mobile portal, which will be presented in an adapted form for every device in the market. Also, Unkasoft Advergaming On the Fly technology injects advertisements at several places within games and applications.

“Today’s announcement will change the way users interact with mobile games,” said Juan Antonio Muñoz-Gallego, Co-founder Unkasoft. “GameSpace allows advertising agencies to insert ads into any interactive mobile game without development tasks and now that the games are Zeemote compatible, users can use the JS1 Controller to enhance their player experience.”

“The Zeemote JS1 coupled with Advergaming offers a unique way to deliver a mobile marketing message to a user through immersive game play,” said Ernie Cormier, Zeemote CEO and President. “I am pleased that Unkasoft will enable the Zeemote users to take advantage of a compelling new frontier in mobile gaming.”

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